Wordpress 2.5

I’ve been upgrading my plentiful WordPress blogs in fits and starts over recent weeks (I use WordPress for a lot of my projects) :p and today I reached the final batch - which included FA.com.

I put it off not because I’m one of those annoying people who never upgrades (FA.com is almost always running on the latest version even when my other sites are not - I love my angel too much to neglect her) but I was waiting for many of my plugins to release 2.5 compatible versions before I jumped onto the 2.5 wagon. I didn’t anticipate problems because, like I said, I’m always up to date, and I’ve had precisely zero problems everywhere else but - as is always the way - FA is the only one of twelve installations I have that’s fucked up. Joyo.

Aw, I’m being unfair. It hasn’t fucked up completely - you’re reading this, right? Presumably you can comment (someone check?!) but there are a few little problems with my plugins, the main one being the issue I have with my reading library which, at the time of writing, is just not displaying. It was one of the plugins that I hacked to death and modified within an inch of its life, and I didn’t upgrade for ages because I didn’t want to have to re-model it all over again. :p Now I’m forced into doing so, so bear with me whilst I sort it out and it goes through some tidying up. ETA: It’s working now - yay! Also think my LJ-Crossposter is okay too . . . maybe?!

Other than that, after a cursory look round it looks as though everything’s rocking and rolling. Have a poke around - go on, when was the last time you checked out my content anyway? Reacquaint yourself! - and let me know if anything’s looking a little wonky. Meanwhile, I’m going back to bed with hot lemon, cough sweets and feel sorry for myself some more - I have a chest infection. Poor me. :(