Search Engine Optimization

Online marketing strategies and practical examples.

SEO is a sticky phrase in the internet business world since a few years and the market has exploded with thousands of small marketing masters where services like optimizing of websites are mentioned as a secret while it is in general terms only standard development guide lines and common sense in how to make a website following the world wide web consortium organization.

Online marketing is only a result of a good developed website where also the developer or the owner of the website knows what he is doing. Marketing is the oldest trick to tell people how good their products are and make reasons for all possible people to buy it. Online marketing is something else and one has to be very careful who to trust and work with. It is a risky SCAM business where many people are paying for absolutely nothing.
This new SEO fever has calm down the last year but still is a hot business to start and try making money and sell your time.

There are many hooks to open your eyes for and the list of them listed below.

10 reasons to optimize or not optimize your website

  • Be aware of companies that offer search engine optimization and #1 ranking in Google as it is not possible to decide the position where you will land.

  • Offered to be added in thousands of search engines? Well there are 3 major search engines and they are Google, Msn and Yahoo.

  • Ever offered to buy PR-links to get a higher ranking in Google? The ranking has nothing to do with the position and keyword optimization.

  • Search engine optimization is never a One time job and then it?s done, serious companies make an agreement with your company and follow the development and statistics in the time, normally minimal a period of 6 months.

  • SEO is a analyzing procedure that takes a while to understand, analyze the pattern and stabilization of the website positioning in the search engines.

  • To search engine optimize your website is not always possible to do. A website with a newer domain shall not be in a SEO program as it is like throwing your money in the sea and a waste of time.

  • Is your website ready for the best possible results yet? I optimize websites that I have developed from scratch as they need specific components in order to have a possibility to get the best possible results in the search engines.

  • XHTML and semantic mark-up. I develop sites in the optimized language XHTML as it is supposed to follow the best guidelines of website publishing and standards of today. A XHTML developed website is better for SEO as it is developed with a semantic method which is correct for web publishing and also SEO.

  • Semantic mark-up means that the layout and design of the website is separated from the content and the important information. We separate the styling and layout from the content because we have a better appearance and the design is a global setting that will decrease the size of the website and loading time with up to 80%.

  • Finally, It is possible to search engine optimize table technology made websites but it is not recommended for the absolute best result.